Automatic torque wrench (1/2 "Reversible from 28 to 210 Nm)

Automatic torque wrench (1/2 "Reversible from 28 to 210 Nm)

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Professional torque wrench

The blockage is activated by tightening the screws or nuts with a precise force (torque). The control of this parameter is very important in professional applications, especially when complicated equipment is installed. Up to the desired size is adjusted by turning the key ring on the handle to the nearest 1 Nm. The end of the handle is equipped with an adjustable torque lock.

. The wrench has a square end caps for the union of 1/2 "size. The tool has a long handle (460 mm), allowing the bolts to be tightened with the torque in the range of 28 to 210 nm ratchet has a job through right reversible switch - Left.

calibrated tools, locking ball for cups in the 1/2 "square drive


- adjustable torque 28 - 210 nm
- Key length of 460 mm
- direction of the switch: left and right
- Weight: 1.9 kg
- Packing: the key is packed in a plastic suitcase

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