Automatic welding screen VarioProtect XXLW tig mig mag electrodes schweiBkraft

Automatic welding screen VarioProtect XXLW tig mig mag electrodes schweiBkraft

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Special for TIG welding. It complies with DIN 4-8 and DIN 9-13. 4 sensors Wide field of vision. Simple battery change.
Totally protects the face and neck against radiation. It darkens completely in only 1 / 30,000 sec. when the arc lights.
Power by solar battery. Automatic, first quality.
· Complete protection against radiation and sparks of the face and neck.
· Effective eye protection.
· Protection class DIN 9/13.
· Variable selection on the outside of the mask, without needing to be removed.
· Hands free for positioning of torch and material.
· Automatic power off / on.
· Adjustable dark to clear transition time.
· Tested according to EN 175 standard, it provides complete neck protection.
The special shape of the screen protects it from scratches, for example when it is stored.
A cord on the bottom protects against sparks.
· For use with MIG / MAG / TIG and MMA welding, not valid for laser, oxyacetylene and oxyfuel welding.
Tested according to EN 379 and EN 175. Ultralight, only 460 g.
Interchangeable tape: for a perfect fit.
· The strap fits perfectly for maximum comfort.
· Adjustable sizes 50-64 cm. · Mobile absorbent tape.
· Adjustment of the angle of nine positions. · Distance between screen and face adjustable in four positions.
· Soft and easy down and up of the screen due to its low altitude rotation axis.
· Stability and optimal comfort thanks to its two adjustable cross straps.

Model VarioProtect® XXL W
Application TIG, MIG, MAG, electrodes
Window size 100 x 65 mm
Dimensions of the filter 122 x 125 x 9 mm
Permanent UV / IR protection DIN 16
Optical quality 1/1/1/1
Response light standard tone 4
T. of resp. of transition 0,25 - 0,8s infinitely variable
(from dark to light)
Infinitely variable sensitivity
Polyamide material of high quality and impact resistant nylon / polypropylene
Total weight 460 g

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