Terms and Conditions

* Telephone orders are accepted (no claims will be accepted in this type of order)
* Prices of this page will be considered valid for the duration of this catalog, except misprints, although we reserve the right to change due to sudden increases of raw materials, currency exchange rates,  ...
* Suministros Industriales Orozco 2019, S.L. It has no obligation to communicate the changes made.
* All prices are per unit and do not include v.a.t. or transportation.
* Warranty: Suministros Industriales Orozco 2019, S.L. guarantees all components of your catalog against defects or manufacturing defects by repairing or replacing the media with a new one, without responsibility for the improper use of them.
* Minimum order nonexistent.
* Payment: bank transfer, Credit Card and Paypal.
* Competition: In case of conflict, the parties recognize as exclusive competition in the courts of Barcelona.